Biotech Muscle Mass

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  • Contains 5 types of carbohydrates with different glycemic indices
  • Contains 5 types of proteins
  • With micronized creatine monohydrate
  • With glutamine peptides
  • Lactose-free


Muscle Mass is an excellent choice to supplement extra calorie intake easily. It contains proteins with high biological value from 5 different sources, 5 types of carbohydrates and creatine.

5 types of proteins: whey concentrate, hydrolyzed protein, casein, whey isolate, egg white

These types of proteins have different absorption rates therefore they are ideal after trainings as well as during the day, if you want to build muscle.

If it is challenging for you to bulk up effectively you shouldn’t take in just one type of proteins. A complex formula of proteins with different absorption rates is a better choice!

5 types of carbohydrates

Increased calorie intake is essential during bulking up, which can be achieved with extra protein and carbohydrate consumption. Thanks to its 5 different types of carbohydrates content, extra calorie intake can be ensured easily with Muscle Mass. Carbohydrates with higher glycemic index contribute to the faster absorption of protein and helps to restore immediately your glycogen stora ges. Carbohydrates with lower glycemic index give energy for your body for a longer period of time thanks to their slower absorption rates.

Glutamine peptides

Compared to L-glutamine, which is a free form amino acid, glutamine peptides’ have better bioavailability rates.

Micronized creatine monohydrate

Creatine is a molecule consists of 3 connected amino acids (glycine, methionine, arginine) and plays a significant role in ATP producing processes.

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Biotech Muscle Mass
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