The Incredible Oat Square 35g


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The Incredible Oat Healthey snacks!

here you can find The Incredible Oat healthy snacks from Proteinak Store

The Incredible Oat peanut butter square

– Oats, dates, natural peanut butter,
peanuts, rice crisp, coconut oil.

Our Peanut Butter Square is a guilt-free
product! The square is made of oats,
dates, natural peanut butter, peanuts, rice
crisps, and coconut oil. Double your
energy. Grab one now to delight your taste

The Incredible Oat Cinnamon Square (Box of 12 or 8)

Shall cinnamon be the king
here? Who doesn’t love it when
cinnamon enriches the taste?

Our cinnamon square includes oats,
dates, walnuts, raisins, and a hint of
cinnamon. Vegan and gluten-free pocket
snacks are delightful for all ages

– Oats, dates, walnuts, raisins,
cinnamon, rice crisp, coconut oil.


The Incredible Oat Chocolate Square (Box of 12 or 8)

6.00 JD – 9.00 JD

– Oats, dates, almonds, dark chocolate,
coco powder, rice crisp, coconut oil.
Crunchy, no Winchy!
Our Chocolate Square is the ideal choice for those looking for a tasty and
nutritious snack. Whether you’re busy, a student, a parent, or anyone in need
of a convenient and satisfying treat, our vegan and gluten-free snack squares
are perfect for you. We believe that healthy snacks should be a joy for


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The Incredible Oat Square
The Incredible Oat Square 35g